Nintendo Announces Unnamed Yoshi Wii U Game By Kirby’s Epic Yarn Team

All it takes is a glimpse of the upcoming Yoshi Wii U game revealed during the Nintendo Direct presentation this morning to know that it comes from the same folks behind the 2010 platformer Kirby’s Epic Yarn. The new game has the same art style — although this time it’s in stunning HD — as HAL Laboratory and Good-Feel’s Wii title and appears to have at least some of the same gameplay mechanics.

Despite showing off a bit of footage for the title, Nintendo was mighty stingy with details about the Yoshi Wii U game and even refused to announce its official name. The only other concrete bit of information that was mentioned was that Takashi Tezuka (the director behind Yoshi’s Island and the N64 title Yoshi’s Story) is supervising development on the upcoming game.

While it wasn’t confirmed during the Nintendo Direct presentation, Takashi Tezuka’s involvement could be taken as a hint that this unnamed Yoshi Wii U game is the rumored Yoshi’s Land Wii U that surfaced last November.

After the launch of the Wii U last year a NeoGAF user named Trike accidentally found himself inside a “mock up menu” for the Miiverse. Nintendo was quick to shut down the exploit that allowed access to the interface, however, Trike had already stumbled upon a list of internal messages that mentioned Yoshi’s Land Wii U.

Shortly after that discovery, both Future Shop and Best Buy updated their websites to include online listings for Yoshi’s Land for the Wii U. Both sites mentioned that the title would integrate with the MiiVerse and allow for “dual-screen control” with the Wii U GamePad.

It is unclear at this point if this unnamed Yoshi Wii U game is in fact the rumored Yoshi’s Land Wii U, but it seems like too much of a coincidence for the title not to be the same game. While we wait for an official confirmation from Nintendo, make sure to check the gallery below for the game’s first super cute screenshots.