Nintendo Details Mario Kart 7 Multiplayer Features

Mario Kart DS was arguably the most popular multiplayer game on the original DS. So when Mario Kart 7, the latest iteration of the popular kart racer comes to the 3DS later this year, how will you be able to play with your friends?

With MAGIC! (and StreetPass.)

In addition to the traditional eight-player online Wi-fi and offline local wireless multiplayer, racers will be able to set up communities using certain criteria, almost like a do-it-yourself matchmaking system.

As for StreetPass functionality, if you pass anyone on the street with the game, their best times and ghost data will appear in your game for you to challenge.

Players will also have the option to download a Mario Kart app to their 3DS menu as a sort of funnel for all the Mario Kart stuff you can download. Like friend’s times and….um…..well…..hats maybe?

Mario Kart 7 releases exclusively on Nintendo 3DS in December.