Nintendo Direct Announcement Round-Up

Outside of the exciting news about the Panorama View app and the disappointing news of Pikmin 3‘s delay, Nintendo confirmed a ton of 3DS and Wii U game news during their Nintendo Direct presentations yesterday. Below is the full round-up of all of The Big N’s announcements.

Nintendo announced that Wii Fit U, which has not been seen since earlier this year at E3, will be released in North America during the “first half of 2013”. Details on their latest fitness title are still a bit scarce, but the company did announce that it will come with an electronic pedometer packed in.

Scribblenauts Unlimited, which was one of the Wii U’s North American launch titles, was given a solid February 8, 2013 release date for Europe.

Finally on the Wii U front, Game & Wario‘s “launch window” status was confimred when Nintendo revealed that it would be released during the first quarter of 2013.

For the 3DS, the highly anticipated Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was given a release window of Spring 2013 in North America and March 2013 in Europe. This greatly narrows down the title’s prior release window of the “first half of 2013”.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which is currently sold out in Japan, is now scheduled to appear across Europe during the second quarter of 2013.

The oddly demonic Brain Age: Concentration Training has been delayed from its original December 3, 2012 release in North America to a February 10, 2013 launch date.

Nintendo also confirmed the release dates for the 3DS titles Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate (March 2013 in Europe), and Fire Emblem: Awakening (February 4, 2013 in North America).

Finally, Nintendo announced that Game Freak’s 3DS eShop title Rhythm Hunter HarmoKnight, which was released in Japan last September, will be localized for a North American release. A launch window or possible release outside of North America was not announced.

Source: Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Europe