Nintendo Direct Opens With New Details For Star Fox Zero


Nintendo opened their latest Nintendo Direct broadcast with an update concerning what players can expect when Star Fox Zero finally arrives. Shigeru Miyamoto appeared from New York to deliver the updates, and there was certainly plenty to get excited about for Star Fox fans.

Miyamoto introduced Star Fox Zero as being an “authentic action game,” before adding that there will be brand new story and map elements added to the mix. These new map elements seem to focus heavily around the inclusion of teleporters that will see maps split and take new paths.

Within these new paths, brand new bosses or variants on classic enemies await you. These variant bosses will offer alternative challenges to what you’re used to from them, and will send you back to the previous point of the level once you manage to defeat them.

Star Fox Zero will also feature a great two player co-operative mode where you and a friend can team up as pilot and gunner to progress. You can then compete for the highest score on leaderboards across the world.

In addition to the new Star Fox Zero information, Miyamoto confirmed an extra Star Fox game to be titled Star Fox Guard. The title will be a mazy, tower-defence style experience where players can take on the challenge of over 100 maps or even create and publish their own for other players to check out. Nothing was confirmed over whether this would have Miitomo functionality, but it certainly wouldn’t be surprising given the style.

Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard will be packaged together for physical release, or available separately in digital download versions from  April 22.