Nintendo Expects “Rocket Start” To 3DS Sales

The president of Nintendo Satoru Iwata has predicted that the upcoming 3DS will sell like hotcakes on release on March 25th, March 27th, and February 26th, in the US, Europe, and Japan respectively.  The device is the first handheld games platform that offers a 3D experience for all users, and will not require the use of special glasses to create the illusion of dimensionality.

On the whole I’ve steered clear of Nintendo and their products, but I must admit that back when the 3DS was announced I was suddenly very interested in them again. Nintendo are confident that the range of first and third party titles will entice and impress the gaming market, with 4 million units set to ship to retailers in the first month. It’s ambitious, but they pulled it off with the Wii…which by the way is actually cheaper than this new toy, which is going to retail at $249.99.

The 3DS is going to be initially available in only charcoal black or neon blue, but from the looks of things there are going to be some pretty decent games to bolster sales for Nintendo…expect to see some familiar faces.

So who’s thinking of upgrading? Or giving the porable gaming market a spin?