Nintendo NX Reveal Trailer Coming October 20


Tomorrow is set to be a big day for console gamers. Not only is Rockstar set to reveal the debut trailer for the long-awaited Red Dead Redemption 2 on the morning of October 20, but Nintendo has just dropped abrupt confirmation of a long-awaited bombshell: The official reveal of their long-teased new console, codenamed the Nintendo NX.

The company’s official Twitter spilled the beans earlier today:

Originally confirmed in 2015, the successor to the Wii U has had plenty of rumors surrounding it (such as being a console-handheld hybrid that also serves as a 3DS successor) and only a few confirmations, such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being confirmed as a launch window title alongside its original Wii U version. Nintendo announced plans earlier this spring to release the console in March 2017 and even held off on discussing it at E3 this past summer, which has caused fan demand and speculation to gradually skyrocket as the year draws closer to an end.

The fact that the reveal will be limited to a trailer instead of a lengthier presentation makes it likely that we’ll only get core details regarding the system itself, such as its design, key features and almost certainly a final, different name, as Nintendo has never stuck to codenames used prior to the official announcements of each of their consoles. Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account elaborated that the trailer will run three minutes in length and “will serve as a preliminary announcement of information regarding the platform.”

Whether the Nintendo NX will correspond with any of the most popular rumors, like using cartridges instead of discs, or go off in its own wild direction is anyone’s guess. All we can count on is a good amount of exhaustive speculation getting some sort of answers, and hopefully a word on when we can expect to learn more.