Nintendo NX Won’t Utilize Android OS; Wii U Multiplayer Title Project Treasure Gets New Trailer


Despite rumors to the contrary, Nintendo has no plans to build its mysterious new hardware – codenamed NX – around a custom Android operating system.

The report, which surfaced yesterday, suggested that The Big N was marinating on the possibility of implementing the Google-owned platform in order to attract a wide range of third-party game studios and, ultimately, to minimize the costs of development. Such an approach would naturally align with the publisher’s recent decision to jettison its beloved roster of IP onto mobile platforms via DeNa, though according to a Nintendo spokesperson, the possibility of NX utilizing Android is little more than a rumor.

“There is no truth to the report saying that we are planning to adopt Android for NX,” the unnamed spokesperson told Wall Street Journal.

Yesterday proved to be a surprisingly big news day for the house of Mario, following a spontaneous Nintendo Direct Macro that brought news pertaining to Bravely Second: End Layer and new content for Wii U multiplayer shooter, Splatoon. Remaining in the same ballpark, another tidbit that arose from the presentation was in relation to another multiplayer title for the company’s flagship console: Project Treasure.

Initially unveiled at the beginning of the year, Bandi Namco’s free-to-play experience has been shrouded in mystery, though a new gameplay trailer reveals a handful of details about the game, which appears to be a four play co-operative dungeon crawler. With Katsuhiro Harada on board the Wii U exclusive – best known for his work on the indelible Tekken series – there’s an air of anticipation for Project Treasure given the hardware’s sparse library of titles. Chances are we’ll find out more about Bandi Namco’s during E3.

As for those aforementioned Android rumors, what do you make of Nintendo‘s response regarding its nebulous NX console? Indeed, are you excited about Project Treasure? Share your thoughts on both using the comments below.