Nintendo Officially Announces Star Fox 64 3D Release Date

Get ready to do a barrel roll in 3D because Nintendo has announced a release date for Star Fox 64 3D.

Instead of releasing this major title on a Sunday as per the usual method, Nintendo has opted for a Friday this time around. You can have Fox, Slippy and company in your hands on September 9. Wait, that didn’t sound right…

Star Fox 64 3D promises to bring with it updated graphics, gyroscopic movement controls and a reworked multiplayer mode. Of course, it’s also going to have 3D visuals to give you some extra depth for your aerial combat.

These updates will hopefully make it the be all end all version of the game, although the original Nintendo 64 cartridge will still live in my gamer heart as being one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Check out some nice looking new screens for the title below. Thanks to our pals at Joystiq for the images.