Nintendo President Satoru Iwata To Skip E3 Conference For Second Consecutive Year


For the second year on the trot, Nintendo‘s President and CEO Saturo Iwata is set to skip an appearance at E3 in June, the Japanese publisher confirmed to IGN.

Thankfully, this is down to the fact that Iwata has business matters to attend to for The Big N in Japan, as opposed to last year when he missed the trade show due to health concerns. With that said, it’s understood that the likes of Shigeri Miyamoto et al. will still be in attendance in order to shepherd the company’s line-up to the masses.

According to the official statement, Nintendo’s “focus for E3 this year will be showcasing the many games we have coming for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Mr. Miyamoto and other members of our development team will be in Los Angeles to explain these games and the unique experiences that each offers.”

While it is disappointing to learn of Iwata’s absence – he is, after all, synonymous with Nintendo – the publisher has assured fans that the illustrious developer will be keeping one eye trained on the conference from afar, including the reactions to The Big N’s own presentation on June 16. Expect much more information relating to Nintendo’s products, and hopefully a concrete release date for The Legend of Zelda‘s long-awaited debut on Wii U.

We’ll have a full breakdown of Nintendo‘s Direct presentation as it happens on June 16 at 9am PDT. For now, you can let us know what you hope to see using the comments below.

Source: IGN