Nintendo Quietly Confirms Mario Party 9 With E3 Trailer

Pick your character and get ready to roll the dice. Mario and his friends are set to return to their home on your Nintendo Wii, with Mario Party 9. Let the board game hi-jinx and hilarity ensue.

As we reported the other day, the game’s logo was shown on the final slide of Nintendo’s E3 press conference visual presentation. There was no news about the title announced during the speeches, but they just confirmed the game’s existence today, by quietly releasing a gameplay trailer. It’s a good reason to rekindle those competitive video game rivalries you made with your friends, family and neighbors.

The reveal trailer shows off quite a bit of the game – from new and exciting minigames, to creative new board designs and locations. Plus, it also shows off vehicular travel over a board’s blue, red and green spaces. I wonder how that will work out, considering all four players were in the same car.

Take a look for yourself and get ready to party with Mario and company once again.