Nintendo Responds To Negative Fan Reaction Towards Metroid Prime Federation Force


The always-charismatic Nintendo of America boss, Reggie Fils-Aime has admitted in an interview with Mashable that the company’s E3 reveal of Metroid Prime Federation Force didn’t exactly go down well with fans of the series.

We’re taking our great IP and transforming them and making them new again – making them fresh and appealing for the fan who feels they know the franchise. But we’re giving them new things to enjoy.

What the fan at home saw was something in the Metroid Prime universe that they weren’t expecting. The reaction has been negative. There’s no sugar coating it.

This is an example where fans who aren’t able to get their hands on the game may be at a bit of a competitive disadvantage. Everyone who has played what we are showing regarding Metroid Prime, they’ve come across really pleased. My ask is that fans trust us.

We believe that in order to propel the franchises forward, we have to be the ones to constantly challenge the paradigms, challenge the conventional wisdom, challenge what we thought was the essence of the particular franchise, and a particular form of gameplay.

While it’s good of Nintendo to acknowledge that fans weren’t impressed with Metroid Prime Federation Force, Reggie’s response probably doesn’t do much to remedy the salt that’s already in the wound. Most fans were hoping for a fully-fledged sequel to Metroid Prime featuring Samus Aran, and it looks like – judging by the above response – Nintendo have no immediate plans to release one in the future.

With that said, though, final judgement should definitely be reserved until gamers actually get the chance to go hands-on with the title. It many not be the Metroid game we were all expecting, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be an enjoyable title in its own, right?

What are your thoughts on what we’ve all seen of Metroid Prime Federation Force so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: IGN