Nintendo Reveals Two More 3DS Ambassador eShop Game Downloads

We previously told you about Nintendo’s 3DS Ambassador Program. It will reward those of us who purchased the new device prior to its price drop, by allowing for a bunch of free downloading.

Nintendo officially confirmed that there will be twenty exclusive games available for download in the eShop. Half of these titles will be Gameboy Advance games, while the other half will be from the NES era. All of which will be unavailable to new adopters who don’t have Ambassador status.

When the press release went out regarding the price drop and this rewards program, not all of the games were listed by name. Today though, we learned that Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 and Kirby & the Amazing Mirror have been added to the Gameboy Advance side of things.

As of right now, the details of this program have only been confirmed for North America and Australia.

I doubt I’ll end up downloading all twenty of the games, but Super Mario Advance 4 will definitely be one of the titles I do end up revisiting on my 3DS.