Nintendo Reveals Super Smash Bros. Club For Canada, Reggie Loves Pancakes


I’m not sure if wisecracks about Canadian stereotypes are the best way for Nintendo to get the attention of its Canadian Super Smash Bros.-loving fanbase, but at least Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is giving credit where credit is due. In a video that streamed on Twitch earlier today, the company revealed that Super Smash Club is coming to Canada.

Though excellent news for Smash fans, the promo video itself is quite the bizarre one. Reggie begins on the phone, arguing with an unknown caller about his Super Smash Bros. skills before hanging up with his signature phrase “not my problem.” From there, an awkward-looking hockey player delivers a stack of pancakes and maple syrup, which subsequently causes a light bulb to go off in Reggie’s brain. Thus, Canadian Smash Club was born.

So, what exactly is Super Smash Club? Essentially, the program is a series of events, both physical and online, revolving around the launch of Super Smash Bros. on 3DS and Wii U. Nintendo needs help defining the rules for Smash Club, too — so much so that you can submit your own via the official site. Prizes for winning events will be available, as will other perks and fun activities. Registration is also required.

From what I can gather, Smash Club is all about participating in the upcoming launch in fun ways, which is a cool gesture on the part of Nintendo, even if their Canada jokes do fall pretty flat. Then again… Reggie probably does genuinely enjoy pancakes.