Nintendo Set To Reveal A New HD Console?

Game Informer have revealed that multiple sources have approached them in discussion regarding a potential new Nintendo console. In the discussions, it was stated that the iconic video game company will reveal the existence of said console sometime between now and E3 2011 (happening in June in California).

The informants mentioned that the console is said to be capable of running games at high-definition resolutions, though it isn’t certain as to whether or not it will be as powerful as its competitors’ current consoles. It is apparently being shown to publishers to educate/gain interest for a launch in late 2012.

In related news, it has been stated that Nintendo will do a pre-announcement sometime in the near future, while most-likely holding off for the full debut reveal at E3. News indicates that it will be fully backwards compatible with current Wii software.

Interesting news to say the least. We’ll keep you updated if any more news is revealed.

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