Nintendo Switch Launch Title “1-2 Switch” Has Unconventional Offscreen Gameplay


The first launch title announced for Nintendo Switch, 1-2 Switch, will feature an unconventional focus on what’s happening offscreen, Nintendo announced at their Jan. 12 presentation. As the first new exclusive announced for the Big N’s latest console, 1-2 Switch is a surprising and unusual title that — in all honesty — seems like it will need a bit more demonstration time for players to fully understand how it works.

That’s because, as previously mentioned, a majority of what the game offers involves not looking at any screen at all, but at another player’s eyes — a wacky and unconventional choice that falls right in line with so many of Nintendo’s other delightfully strange multiplayer offerings. As a game that’s primarily played through “face-to-face interaction,” one might wonder if 1-2 Switch fits the traditional definition of a video game at all. Needless to say, with these facts considered — along with a tease that the game will somehow utilize the “HD Rumble” feature of the Switch’s new Joy-Con controllers — it seems like this will be one of the Switch’s most interesting and experimental titles.

Tell us, what did you think of the launch trailer for 1-2 Switch? Does it have you rolling your eyes at one of Nintendo’s latest bizarre moves, or are you intrigued by the idea of a game that doesn’t actually make use of a video screen? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.