Nintendo Switch update adds software grouping feature

nintendo switch oled

Nintendo today rolled out the latest update for its Switch hybrid handheld console, which brings with it the highly requested software grouping feature.

Now on Nintendo Switch, you can group up your favorite games and apps to be found more easily on the dashboard.

Groups will appear in a popup menu accessible on the homepage by pressing the “L” button. Here you can create, sort, and filter your groups of games.

While this isn’t exactly what fans have been longing for — which is a way to display folders on the homepage — it still brings a helpful tool to the console so that players can find their favorite games quicker.

You can have up to 100 different groups on your console, with each of them capable of including 200 titles, which is more than enough for most Switch gamers.

With Patch 14.0.0, Nintendo has also repaired a Bluetooth issue that had been plaguing players on the console. The update increases the maximum volume that can be reached on some devices, and now you can adjust your volume using both the console’s and your Bluetooth controls. You will see the volume change on your Switch display, regardless of which way you choose.

The new update is live and ready to download now. If you attempt to launch an app with online services, you’ll be cued to install it, otherwise if you’d like to get it now, head to your System Settings and choose System Update.