Nintendo Switch Expected To Hit Retail For Less Than The Wii U, Report Claims


The Nintendo Switch is expected to have a launch price in the region of ¥25,000 when it hits retail in March, states a new report from Japanese newspaper Nikkei. As translated by Engadget, it was initially unclear as to whether Nikkei’s statement had come by way of a prediction or something more official. An addendum by the former clarifies that the financial publication’s aforementioned figure isn’t one obtained from a source close to Nintendo, but an average one that consumers should account for before the console debuts in two months time.

As an aside, Engadget notes that Nikkei has made some startlingly accurate predictions in the past, including on the existence of the DSi and the final price of 2012’s Wii U. Assuming the newspaper is once again bang on (or close to) the money this time, ¥25,000 roughly translates to around $214, which puts the Switch’s retail price far below its predecessor during launch. With that said, currency conversion is never that simple – the Wii U sold for ¥26,250 in Japan and $299 – our best guess would put the hybrid device at around $250.

Of course, as with all predictions – however educated they may be – the above should be taken with a pinch of salt, but it certainly seems like a logical price point for Nintendo to adhere to. Analysts have mused previously that the Switch would need to sell for significantly less than the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 to be competitive.

Either way, we’ll find out for sure later this week, when Nintendo holds its live Switch presentation in Tokyo. If, for whatever reason, you can’t see all the juicy details firsthand, a special Treehouse event will follow the initial event, although we’ll be covering both right here so you don’t miss a thing.

Source: VG247