Nintendo Talk Tactics As Pokken Tournament Shows New Footage


With some exciting new gameplay footage shown off at Nintendo Direct today, the Big N also started to talk tactics for upcoming brawler Pokken Tournament. With the once arcade title now heading to Wii U consoles this month, it was great to hear just how the gameplay will differ from the handheld entries of the Pokemon series.

As the update began, Nintendo confirmed that each battle you win in Pokken Tournament – no matter which mode you are playing – will earn you in-game currency that can be used to update your avatar. Personalization has become a more prominent feature in main-series Pokemon games, so it’s not surprising to see that pop up here as well.

What was most exciting to hear, however, was how quickly the battles of Pokken Tournament are likely to play. There was a great emphasis placed on being able to “read” your opponent’s Pokemon, and it was suggested that picking a good team of support Pokemon is also vital. Players who are used to the slow, steady progress of stat-battling in the main series games will be in for quite the shock when picking up Pokken Tournament, it seems.

Introductions were made for some of the big-hitters in Pokken Tournament as well, with their varying styles highlighted. Lucario will make use of aura-based projectiles to strike from distance before finishing foes off with quick attacks up close, while Machamp will use trademark strength for rapid punches and heavy throws to beat opponents into submission.

Pokken Tournament looks set to be the most frantic Pokemon game of all time, and it launches for Wii U on March 18. You can get a final preview of the action through a special competition streamed through Twitch on March 17.