Nintendo Unofficially Announces New Kirby, Mario Party & Paper Mario Games

At the end of Nintendo’s press conference earlier today, the company made a bit of a quiet announcement about some upcoming titles. Games they seem to be working on, but never mentioned during the media briefing, which is kind of odd.

If you look closely at the logo-filled screen that they put up to conclude the festivities, you’ll see a bunch of logos for unannounced games. We’re not sure who is working on these titles or which Nintendo platform most of them are planned for, but here’s a list of what was found:

The Rolling Western
Paper Mario
Super Fossil Fighters
Rhythm Heaven
Fortune Street
Kirby Mash Attack
Kirby Wii
Mario Party 9

It’s exciting to hear about new entries in the Paper Mario and Kirby series. Mario Party 9 as well, though the last one was a dud because it shoe-horned motion controls into a Gamecube game and lacked inspiration. Hopefully, it’ll be better this time around, since the new one will be built from the ground up on the 3DS, Wii or Wii U.

We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything more about the other random titles in the list.