Nintendo Unveils New Super Mario Bros. U, Which Will Include A Basic Social Networking Aspect

The second Wii U game unveiled during Nintendo‘s E3 2012 press conference was none other than New Super Mario Bros. U. Like its predecessors, this next release from the iconic series looks to deliver a colourful and user-friendly, but challenging experience, with the perilous jumps that we’ve all come to love.

As the game’s demo progressed, it went from a social network page where friends could post messages to each other, with options to use the stylus to draw things in, to full gameplay featuring four players. Mario and friends made their way through several unique environments in side-scrolling fashion, with more pop, detail and fine touches than we’ve ever seen before.

Examples include a jaw-dropping ghost stage where the background was a painting, as well as the fact that Yoshi pals come in egg form, which quickly breaks to reveal their colourful selves.

Note: The featured image is from New Super Mario Bros. Wii