Nioh’s Second Beta Demo Arrives August 23 On PlayStation 4


Following confirmation last month by Koei Tecmo that Nioh would be getting a second beta demo this month, the publisher has provided a more precise date during the game’s presence at this year’s Gamescom. From August 23 until September 6, all PS Plus members can download the demo from the PlayStation Store, after which it will be removed and never made available again.

So, what can returning players and newcomers alike expect from this final preview before the game launches later this year? Well for starters, you get a second chance to earn the mysterious Mark of the Conqueror DLC – a bonus piece of content that can be earned in the demo by completing certain objectives and will subsequently unlock something special in the full release.

Several gameplay changes have been made since the release of the first demo in April, which Koei Tecmo says are partly the result of the helpful feedback they received from players after its culmination and that you should notice some of them immediately upon your return to the village of Usuki.

New content includes the Nakatsu stage, which features all sorts of weird and terrifying monsters for William to defeat, including the (via Gematsu) “seductive Hinoenma, a dangerous Yokai under the guise of a beautiful woman.”

The new Nakatsu stage leads protagonist William along a treacherous mountain path to a deep cave, where he must prevail against human and supernatural enemies alike—including the seductive Hinoenma, a dangerous Yokai under the guise of a beautiful woman. Defeating the Nakatsu stage will award players with the Mark of the Strong DLC, which will be available when the game launches.

Emerging victorious from Nakatsu’s monster-ridden caves will award you with the Mark of the Strong DLC, as well as experience that will prove invaluable as you attempt the demo’s Twilight mission: a retread of the Usuki and Nakatsu stages, but with much stronger enemies.

If you were turned off by the steep learning curve of Nioh‘s first beta demo, you’ll be glad to hear that a new Training Dojo has been implemented, which aims to help players learn the basics of battle and how different weapon types and stances are utilized.

Now you have no excuse not to try it.