NIS America Bringing Battle Princess Of Arcadias To North America This June

battle princess of arcadias

NIS America, the publisher behind titles such as Disgaea and The Guided Fate Paradox, has announced that they will be bringing 2D brawler Battle Princess Of Arcadias to North America and Europe this June.

Set in the kingdom of Schwert, Battle Princess of Arcadias centers around Battle Princess Plume’s courageous quest to defeat the monsters that have overrun her home. She will not have to undergo this task alone, though, as Plume will be able to recruit a variety of different and powerful allies in order to lay waste to enemies of all shapes and sizes.

Like a vast majority of NIS America’s titles, Battle Princess Of Arcadias will also feature an extensive upgrading and customization system. Grinding through enemies will lead to new weapons and materials that can be used to enhance your gear, while fighting through each new area will open to door to new allies, piles of treasure and upgraded weapons and gear.

With a gorgeous art style and deep gameplay, Battle Princess Of Arcadias will be worth keeping an eye on when it launches on June 17th in North America and June 18th in Europe exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

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