No Man’s Sky Limited Edition Packaging Was Altered To Cover Online Play Logo


Adding further fuel to the fire in the debate over whether No Man’s Sky actually has any form of multiplayer component, PCGN has confirmed (via VideoGamer) that European versions of the space exploration game’s limited edition originally had an online play logo printed on the box, but that it has since been covered by a sticker that changes the age-rating from 12 to 7 and completely covers any mention of the former. You can see the image above for an example of the correction.

PCGN notes that standard retail copies of Hello Games’ ambitious indie title haven’t received the same treatment, but given that manufacturers could easily print more sleeves with the added changes during production, they could well have had the online play logo present originally, too. Interestingly, such changes haven’t been made to the US versions of the limited edition.

The news follows the revelation yesterday that two No Man’s Sky players had managed to meet each other in-game, but that they couldn’t see each other, despite standing in the same spot.

Despite expressing his utmost surprise that such an event had already occurred so soon after release, Hello Games head Sean Murray has since made no mention of why the two explorers couldn’t see each other, pointing to possibility that no true form of multiplayer exists, despite Murray previously suggesting otherwise.

Tell us, what’s your take on the issue? Do you think such features were pulled prior to release, or is something else afoot? Let us know in the comments section below.