Noir Horror Title White Night Will Stalk PlayStation 4 Users In March


Up and coming indie company OSome Studio has peeled back the curtain on its new title, White Night, a monochromatic horror game headed to PlayStation 4 in March.

Billed as an old-school survival horror experience, the game will whisk players to 1930s Boston where they must explore a deserted mansion. Taking cues from reputable genre classics such as Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark, White Night is hoping to go one step further by imbuing the user in a totally unique environment, replete with jazz music and gothic architecture that wouldn’t go out of place in a Tim Burton production.

From the trailer above, it seems as though OSome Studio’s stark title will center around a grizzled detective-like character who also happens to don a trench coat — this is the noir genre, after all. After a routine night suddenly goes awry following a car crash, it’s up to our protagonist to creep gingerly through the halls of an abandoned mansion in search for help. Sure, it isn’t the most radical of ideas, but White Night earns the benefit of the doubt for its intriguing aesthetic.

Though the footage touts the title’s arrival on PlayStation 4, we understand that White Night will also be inducing nightmares across PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox One as well as Sony’s platform. It will debut on March 3.

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