Nostalgia-Inducing Rare Replay Releases August 4 Exclusively For Xbox One


Prepare your rose-tinted glasses – Rare’s taking every Xbox One owner back in time come August 4. The Rare Replay collection, announced as part of Microsoft’s E3 conference, will feature 30 of the developer’s most-loved games. From wildly-popular Conker’s Bad Fur Day to lesser-known titles such as Blast Corps, the collection will be the most comprehensive tribute to Rare fans since it was founded back in 1985.

As an added incentive for those of you still chasing the never-ending dream of having the highest Gamerscore on Xbox Live, Rare Replay will contain a cumulative total of 10,000 points spread across its Achievements. The package will be going on sale for $30, too, so even if you’re only interested in a small selection of the back catalogue, that’s only a measly $1 per game.

But, the all-important question is this: which game in the Rare Replay collection are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.