Not Even Doom’s Developers Can Cope With The Game’s Ultra-Nightmare Difficulty

Gamers can have a remarkable gluttony for punishment these days, and it sounds as though Doom is going to provide more than enough to satisfy such players. The game’s developers have been talking about the Ultra-Nightmare difficulty in their upcoming title, and have admitted that even they are having a large amount of trouble with it.

Speaking to Gamespot during a recent live-stream, executive producer Marty Stratton introduced the game’s toughest setting to viewers:

Ultra-Nightmare combines the second highest difficulty, Nightmare, with permadeath, meaning if you die once, you have to restart at the beginning of the game.

Stratton went on to add that this mode would feature a global challenge, whereby players can compete against their friends with leaderboards showing who managed to get the furthest. When you die, a Doom marine helmet will be dropped in the world and fellow players will be able to see just where the challenge overwhelmed you.

A comment previously made in an IGN interview was also reiterated, with Hugo Martin explaining that no-one at id Software had been able to beat the game on its highest difficulty setting yet.

If you think you can overcome Doom‘s toughest challenge, you won’t have long to wait: the game releases for PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 13.

Source: Gamespot