Notch Releases New 0x10c Art Test Footage

Markus “Notch” Perrson has released new art test footage for his next game 0x10c, giving us another look at how the sandbox space title is coming along.

0x10c is still very early in development and the new footage (embedded below) only represents a general feel for what the game will be like upon release. The project is so early in development, in fact, that Notch told PCGamer that the team is still not set on exactly what the game is.

“The goal is to have it feel a bit like Firefly. You can try to land on a planet but you mess up and, instead of having the ship just explode like it would in real life, the landing gear gets broken. Then you have to try to fix that by finding resources. Instead of the adventure being flying from here to here, it’s: I set the destination, oh god I hit a small asteroid and the cloaking device broke. I think they really nailed that kind of emergent aspect in FTL. ”

Notch also noted that 0x10c currently does not have any multiplayer, however, it is something that he wants to include in the final version. The problem is that he needs to “figure out what is actually a fun game mechanic”, and then turn that into multiplayer.

Check out the new footage of 0x10c below and make sure to hop over to PCGamers full article, which contains several other details on where the title might be headed.