Novus Prime: Escalation Arrives Today

Hellfire Games’ hit Playstation Home title, Novus Prime, will receive a much needed expansion today with the release of Escalation. The expansion will bring new missions, enemies, weapons, bot companions, and virtual items for players to enjoy. This will double the content already available to players while also offering a new “Home Space” aptly named the “Officer’s Quarters” and will feature a zero gravity simulation and as an added bonus will grant the player access to a private hanger.

Jeff Posey, President of Hellfire Games has been quoted as saying; “Without a doubt, this is our biggest and best update yet. We’re constantly listening to our fans, and Novus Prime: Escalation absolutely delivers what the community has been asking for.”

Novus Prime is a free to play game in Playstation Home, in which players can purchase and personalize their very own ship to complete missions. Novus Prime also allows players to team up with friends in co-op missions, all the while unlocking new gear for their Home avatar as well as collecting exclusive robot companions and vying for positions on ranked leaderboards.

Since its launch in December of 2010, Novus Prime has drawn in a staggering one million players and is aiming to please those players with new weapons such as the Ion Beam which is a turret mounted cannon that fires repeatedly for as long as the fire button is held down. Also, if you purchase the Ion Beam you will be granted access to the awesome power of the Blaster Cannons, which will slip over your avatar’s hands allowing you to feel the real power of a thousand suns at your fingertips.

For the players who love the feeling of true freedom, Escalation will also come with a new Zero Gravity Sim Jet Pack, allowing players to freely float through the space station while giving the player an extra added boost. Grab a pair of Propulsion Bots which grant the ability to equip your spaceship’s upgrade slot granting it a significantly large boost to its speed.

And last but not least, Escalation brings two new bot companions for the player’s enjoyment. The first of the new bots is a hovering companion named Databot Jr. The Databot is a faithful companion that will diligently follow the player wherever he/she wishes to go. The second companion bot is a Rogue Mech Suit recently recovered from an abandoned and forgotten space pirate outpost that has been newly discovered. Fully operational and pint sized for easy storage, both companion bots are sure to be the envy of all your friends.

Looks like Escalation will be a great addition to Novus Prime. I’m very excited for it and will definitely be checking it out. Be sure to jump into Home and get the latest update to enjoy all the new material.

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