Obsidian And THQ Surprise Us All By Revealing A South Park RPG

Falling into the, “It came from left field,” announcement category, is today’s news that THQ and Obsidian Entertainment have joined forces to develop and release a South Park RPG. Unlike its peers, this one will not be released through downloadable channels, hitting store shelves as a full retail title instead. Yes, you read all of that right. There’s no April Fool’s Day joke here. It’s December, after all.

The secret was officially revealed earlier today by Game Informer, which has the South Park RPG featured on the cover of its next issue. According to that trusted publication, the game’s script has been put to paper by both Trey Parker and Matt Stone – the satirical masterminds behind the phenomenally popular show. Their sources also state that it’s an “ambitious project,” and a “full-scale RPG.”

At this time, only one other thing is known. That would be the game’s assumed premise, which was mentioned through the use of a small blurb. It states that players will take on the role of a new kid in town, who must make friends while he attempts to save the area’s residents from various threats. It’s rumored that one of those ill-wishers will be Cartman himself.

Expect a 2012 release for the South Park RPG, on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

This announcement really surprised me, but in a very good way. I can’t wait to try this one out. From the sounds of it, there’s potential there for one heck of a game.