Oculus Rift Consumer Launch Pegged For Q1 2016


It’s been a long time coming, but today the creative minds at Oculus have slated their virtual reality headset Oculus Rift for a consumer launch in Q1 2016.

Announced via the company’s blog, Oculus noted that pre-orders for the hotly-anticipated device will start later this year, and we’ve also been treated to a mysterious first look at the final, market-ready build. Taking cues from the Crescent Bay prototype, this seemingly final iteration of the Oculus Rift will incorporate 360-degree tracking, all the while offering the “precision, immersion and comfort” that the hardware has since become known for.

Sporting built-in headphones among other features, the post states that the VR headset has also been tailored for both seating and standing experiences, and that we can expect to learn much more about the hardware and indeed the software lined up for it in the lead up to E3.

“Since the earliest days of the Oculus Kickstarter, the Rift has been shaped by gamers, backers, developers, and enthusiasts around the world. Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that the Oculus Rift will be shipping to consumers in Q1 2016, with pre-orders later this year.”

There’s no doubting the Oculus Rift’s impact on the virtual reality space, and it isn’t an overstatement to say that the device has reinvigorated interest in the once-flailing market. However, a new piece of kit is only as good as the games built for it, and we’re hoping that Oculus and industry developers can harness the headset’s full potential in the months after launch.

From its humble beginnings on Kickstarter, Oculus Rift is now nearing the finish line when it will be available to consumers in the early stages of 2016. The only question now is, will you pick one up at launch?

Source: Oculus