Oculus Rift Won’t Support Mac Until Apple Irons Out The Kinks With GPU Performance


Such is the relentless pace of E3 that you’d be forgiven for not remembering the finer details – or any details – of Oculus’ press event late last week, where the VR specialists unveiled the final, consumer-ready build of the Oculus Rift headset. While price details and a concrete due date remained under wraps, it was here where the company opened up about the specs of the head-mounted device, though all of this was naturally tailored toward the PC audience.

Mac users, on the other hand, could do little than to look on with wanting eyes. In fact, Apple users in general may be left out in the cold when the Rift launches at some point in 2016, with Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey revealing that the hardware won’t be able to work on any model of known Macbooks due to a GPU limitation.


Speaking to IGN, Luckey levelled on the lack of support for Mac users, and claimed that responsibility lies at Apple’s door, who need to start “prioritizing performance in their machines” if Oculus Rift is to ever be playable on one of the company’s devices.

“One of the things that we actually announced is that we’re putting Mac support on hold for launch, and focusing on Windows. People have said, ‘Why don’t you support Macs? So many people have Macs.” It’s true. A lot of people have Apple hardware, especially in the laptop space. But the GPUs in those, they’re not even close to what we’re pushing for our recommended spec.”

Oculus Rift is currently slated for its consumer launch during 2016. For more on the headset, its partnership with Microsoft, and the Touch controller, be sure to circle back and check out last week’s reveal event.

Source: IGN