Oculus To Get E3 Party Started With Tomorrow’s Virtual Reality Event


It’s rather apt that Oculus should kick-off E3 2015 with its own focused press event. As the poster child for the current VR renaissance, the company’s Oculus Rift – once a Kickstarter darling that attracted the eyes of online giant Facebook – has accumulated a fair amount of followers going into this year’s trade show in LA, though the company plans to get the party started early with tomorrow’s dedicated virtual reality event.

That’s right, on Thursday, June 11 at 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT, the VR specialists will be holding a presser. While they wouldn’t give too many details, Internet sleuths have uncovered what appears to be images of the Oculus Rift’s final, consumer-ready build. Included below, the screenshot, while unconfirmed, closely aligns with the form factor glimpsed in early teaser pictures.

Furthermore, according to a leaked report, each bundle of the head-mounted hardware will comprise “the Rift headset, the Rift tracker [an external camera], the Simple Input Device [the remote control], a gamepad, and cables.”

Price will, of course, be one of the mainline attractions. Executives at Oculus have stated their desire to rein in the asking price of a base model to between $200-$400, though to ensure optimal settings, purchasing the hardware along with a beefy PC to operate it will see that idyllic price point jump closer to $1,000 in total. All will be revealed tomorrow.

Get your first official look at Oculus Rift – and hopefully the device’s price point – when the Oculus press conference goes live in little under 24 hours. You can view said conference via Oculus’ official website or via Twitch.