The Strangest Zelda Moments

With a video game franchise that has been around for about two decades; there are obviously going to be some events and characters that come off as…odd. The Legend of Zelda franchise is no exception to this rule and through the years Zelda fans have seen some strange things. So, We Got This Covered has made a list of the oddest moments in the Zelda series so far (with the exception of the irritating fairy wannabe: Tingle).

Branded as the thief!

Stealing is wrong and when we steal in real life, we mostly just feel the moral anguish that comes with such thievery. However, in Link’s Awakening, when using a five fingered discount, Link will then be referred to be everyone as a “THIEF”. The comical nickname will follow you throughout the game and even the Wind Fish will call you THIEF. It’s strange, but it’s a lesson to be learned for all the thieves of the world.

Revenge of the chickens

You don’t have to be a member of PETA to know that you shouldn’t hit chickens with your sword whenever you feel like it. It’s a bit childish to mess with farm animals and there’s no real upside to hurting those poor feathered fellows. But, as every Zelda fan knows, the chickens can only take so much and they’ll attack you once they’ve been hurt too much.

Darunia Dances…alot

I didn’t know what to think of this scene from Ocarina of Time when I was a kid. I wanted to play a normal adventure game, then I was subjected to a minute long cut scene where a large rock monster ( a Goron) danced around exclaiming “that beat is hot!”. Needless to say I was bemused, and the moment stuck out as one of the oddest in Zelda history.

“I am Error”

We all know this guy and I’m still weirded out by “Error” and his statement. On the whole; the inhabitants of Zelda II: the Adventure of Link were all strange. Some healed Link’s wounds by inviting him into their house, some old men gave him magic spells and others just said that they knew nothing! Apparently “Error” plays a larger role later in the game, but that is one hell of an introduction to live down since the guy comes off as a programming glitch.

The life and death of Dampé

Dampé seems like he’s a nice enough guy but he’s not without his odd attributes. First, he just happens to be the ugliest looking inhabitant in all of Hyrule (with the exception of the witch sisters; Twinrova), secondly, he lives in a graveyard and digs in the soil looking for prizes and lastly he challenges you to a race while he’s a ghost. Yes, the ghost of Dampé, halo and all, challenges you to a race and apparently enjoys the hookshot a great deal. Either way, Dampé continues his strange existence by being weird looking and spending his time in a graveyard playing with toys.

Turning into…a rabbit?

This only happens in A Link to the Past when Link goes into the dark world without the aid of the Moon Pearl, but it’s still a strange occurrence to find out that the hero of Hyrule’s alternate form is nothing more than a pink bunny. Link might be tough in one universe, but in another he’s as harmless as a rabbit.

The whole crazy timeline

This one just takes the cake and runs away with it since the timeline for the Zelda video games is so disjointed and convoluted. Fans of the series are confused about what game takes place where, the developers keep throwing prequels and alternate dimensions our way and even Zelda creator, Miyamoto has given different reports on the timeline and where certain games take place. It’s enough to give a fan boy a head ache.