It’s Official: Pokémon X And Y Is The Fastest 3DS Game To Sell 1 Million


In an occurrence that isn’t entirely surprising but still mightily impressive, Nintendo has confirmed that the recently released Pokémon X and Y are indeed the fastest selling 3DS games of all time. According to Nintendo’s handy infographic, the games reached 1 million copies sold in just a single day. That’s a whole lot of Poké-dollars.

The figure is even more impressive when placed up against the previously reigning champs on the system (all three of which are Mario games). Mario Kart 7 was able to reach the milestone in four weeks, while Super Mario 3D Land required an additional two for a total of six. Lagging behind the pack, New Super Mario Bros 2 was able to shift its first mil in 16 weeks’ time.

The infographic shines light on the new numbers from a few different angles, with each perspective revealing more than the last. For example, one in every five 3DS owners purchased either X or Y, while sales of the 3DS family on the whole had gone up by 135% just fours weeks after the games’ worldwide release. Such ridiculous statistics aren’t especially new for the Pokémon series, either – Nintendo is quick to point out that Pokémon X and Y is the 9th Pokémon entry to to join the million unit club, including classics such as Pokémon Yellow for the Game Boy and its stellar followup, the original Pokémon Gold and Silver. Awesome, awesome times, those were.

Nintendo is clearly proud of its accomplishments with X and Y, and who can blame them? Despite an ever-similar foundation, the two new games are the biggest change-up the series has seen in many years, and it feels good when a risk pays off. The only problem now will be attempting to top Pokémon X and Y with the next Pokémon game, but there’s no need to worry about that just yet.