This Official Pokémon Quiz Reveals Which Pokémon You Are


The world is filled with unsolved mysteries. How old is the universe? What’s the meaning of life? If I were a Pokémon, what would I be?

That last one, in particular, is an indecipherable conundrum that no scientific mind could (or would want to) ever answer. In fact, only The Pokémon Company itself has the power to truly put an end to the speculation and, as luck would have it, our prayers have been answered. Well sort of, at least. As per the discovery made by Sora News 24, Japanese Pokémon Center stores have begun using a rather unique type of recruitment process when hiring new employees.

Presumably, before granting traditional interviews, the employer provides candidates with a specially-tailored Pokéquiz that aims to determine the recipient’s personality profile. “There are currently over 800 species of Pokémon,” reads the translated questionnaire, adding “All of them have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, but they all get along with each other.” Sharing that same mantra for its employees, the questionnaire then poses a series of questions for potential hopefuls looking to score a Pokémon Center gig.

Sadly, the test is only available in Japanese and attempts by fans to use Google Translate have been a little unreliable, to say the least…

Fortunately, however, Sora News has gone through the effort of translating the entire set of questions and created a guide to help English-speakers take the test. Hit the link at the bottom of this page to take it or, alternatively, find the entire list of questions below.

1. Do you like looking at data and numbers?
2. If you’re going to do something, do you do a lot of preparation ahead of time?
3. Do you get irritated by people with a laid-back attitude?
4. Do you like thinking deeply about things?
5. Do you take action instead of spending a long time thinking first?
6. If you’re talking about something, do you start by saying your conclusion?
7. Do people often say you’re cold or unfriendly?
8. Do you hate doing useless, ineffective things?
9. Are you a passive-minded person?
10. Can you do anything, if it’s for the sake of others?
11. Do people often say you’re kind?
12. Do you always try to consider what the people around you are feeling before you take action?
13. Do you take the initiative to have active conversations with people you’re meeting for the first time?
14. Without realizing it, do you become the center of attention in conversations?
15. Do people often say you’re cheerful?
16. Do your emotions easily show in your facial expression?

As of writing, there appear to be 20 different results available depending on the answers given. Naturally, as a self-proclaimed Pokénut, I took the test. Turns out my personality best matches that of a Diglett. Worst news I’ve received all day.

Be sure to take the test yourselves though and let us know, via the comments below, which Pokémon you were matched with. Good luck!

Source: Sora News 24