Older Xbox 360 Units Are Reportedly Having Trouble Running Grand Theft Auto V


Owners of Xbox 360 consoles that were manufactured between 2006 and 2008 are now complaining of freezing problems with Grand Theft Auto V. This joins the reported issues with the PSN digital copy of the game as yet another problem for the recently released title.

Members of the message board gtaforums.com are claiming that the title locks up shortly following the first mission. Of course, most of the people posting about this installed the game onto their Xbox 360. In case you forgot, Rockstar may have mentioned something about NOT doing that. Regardless, this is still a pretty major problem.

While Rockstar has yet to formally comment on the matter, a rep for the company has recommended that gamers who encounter this problem clear their console’s cache and re-install the title.

While I’m sure it is annoying that these problems are happening, it is important to remember that Grand Theft Auto V was just released. For such a huge title, it’s not at all surprising that these issues are arising. And again, the people reporting this problem are gamers who installed the title on their old consoles.

The question is, does this problem happen because people are trying to install the title onto old Xbox 360 units, or is it because the title is being installed at all? If it is the former, then Rockstar has a pretty bad situation on their hands. This would likely mean that older 360s are going to continue to have issues running the title, which would obviously shut out a good deal of gamers from properly enjoying the title. I understand that Grand Theft Auto V is likely pushing the system to its limits, but if this problem is not fixed, it would be unfortunate to say the least.

Have you come across any problems during your time playing Grand Theft Auto V? If so, have you been able to work around them?