Omerta – City Of Gangsters Tasks You With Taking Over Atlantic City

I really have to hand it to Kalypso Media, as they certainly know how offer variety in a genre. Kalypso has been a leader in the strategy game genre for quite a while now, and anyone who has ever played any of the Tropico series can attest as to why.

With its latest offering, the company is going to tap into the mob mentality of a 1920s version of Atlantic City. Omerta – City Of Gangsters will have players build up their criminal empire on both the Xbox 360 and PC. Players will either construct, buy or take over buildings to turn them into speakeasies, illegal boxing rings and other such seedy establishments, in order to make a quick buck. But, when you work with dirty money, you can’t expect it to come easy. Omerta will feature turn-based tactical RPG gunfights and heists while you deal with rival gangs.

This certainly sounds like a fairly massive undertaking but, if anyone is capable of mixing these two elements properly, I have to assume it’s Kalypso.

Check out Omerta – City of Gangsters‘ debut trailer in order to get an idea of what to expect.