One Final Overwatch Short Has Arrived Ahead Of Release


Blizzard’s multiplayer FPS Overwatch is due for worldwide release in just two days, and a final animated short has arrived to showcase the (mis)adventures of Soldier: 76. This is the fourth such video that’s been put together in the build up to the game, and this one focuses in on the mysterious backstory of the vigilante soldier.

Blizzard’s official synopsis for the seven-minute short – titled Hero –  introduces an unforeseen issue that affects Soldier: 76’s personal objectives with the mission:

“Hero” follows the masked vigilante Soldier: 76 on a personal mission to Dorado where he’s set to investigate the illegal activities of the Los Muertos gang—but an unexpected complication threatens to compromise his objective.

The earlier videos in the series showed Widowmaker following targets in London, introduced the history between Hanzo and Genji, and summarized the events leading up to the beginning of Overwatch. Soldier: 76’s story is the final piece of the pre-release puzzle, and you can check the footage out above to see for yourself what Blizzard has in store for us.

Overwatch releases for PS4 Xbox One and PC on May 24, though servers in some areas are expected to go live tomorrow as the rollout begins.