OnLive Announces Partnership With Vizio

With CES right around the corner, the tech world is set to drop some of the most coveted gadgets for us all to drool over until we get rich. With that in mind, OnLive (the one and only cloud gaming service) has announced a partnership with HDTV manufacturer Vizio.

Previously available only as a PC/Mac download or as a Microconsole box, the plan is to have future Vizio equipment preinstalled with OnLive software. What makes this announcement more interesting is that Vizio has already decided to start making their own internet tablets, smartphones, and Blu-ray players as well as beginning to release internet HDTVs. We will see how much more attractive this makes the OnLive service in the coming year.

Apparently more information will be disclosed about this partnership during this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Jan. 6-9th.