How To Open The Safe In Resident Evil 3 Remake’s Demo

Resident evil 3

Capcom’s previously announced demo for Resident Evil 3 is now available for consoles and PC and while it offers but a brief glimpse at the entire survival horror experience, fans have discovered a number of neat secrets and Easter eggs littered throughout Raccoon City. One of these comes in the form of a locked safe tucked away above the city’s shopping district and, should you manage to crack it open, contains a prize sure to increase your odds of escape.

Before we get to the means of obtaining the code, though, you’ll first want to find the secure lockbox. To do so, push forward through the demo until you come upon a neon sign advertising Moon’s Donuts. Rather than head inside the appetizing restaurant though, you’ll want to be on the lookout for a flight of external stairs to the right-hand side of the building. Head up to the upper level and through the door to find yourself in what appears to be a storage room.

Next to a corpse on the floor (don’t worry, this one won’t be getting back up) you’ll spot the safe inside a closet with a dial lock on the front.

As for the combination, your first port of call in finding the correct code will be to search the aforementioned body. A note found on their person mentions a pharmacy located nearby followed by an inner monologue concerning a particular hair growth product, Aqua Cure, produced by the Umbrella Corporation. Head down the street to Redstone Pharmacy and go inside. Here, you’ll want to look for a poster advertising the ‘miracle’ product (gallery above), which features what appears to be a phone number printed along the bottom.

Make note of the numbers circled in red (nine, one, eight) and head back to the safe. Enter the digits (left, right, left) and the door should pop open to reveal your prize, a new gunsight for Jill’s standard-issue handgun that boosts accuracy. While the upgrade won’t ensure your survival, it’ll still prove to come in handy against rank and file zombies as well as the terrifying Nemesis. Good luck!

Resident Evil 3 is out April 3rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.