Open-World Survival Game Days Gone Unveiled By Sony Bend


Once thought to be titled Dead Don’t Ride, Sony Bend have finally unveiled its PS4 exclusive to be Days Gone, an open-world survival game that looks like Sons of Anarchy crossed with The Last of Us.

Emerging from a similar genre as the likes of DayZ and ARK: Survival Evolved, Bend’s new IP looks set to follow some form of biker gang exploring the earth after a devastating zombie virus wipes out the vast majority of humanity. Concrete details remain thin on the ground for the time being, as the developer only revealed the cinematic embedded above.

After working across Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Days Gone represents the PlayStation 4 debut of Sony Bend, a studio weaned on a strict diet of all things Syphon Filter throughout the PSOne and PS2 eras.

Days Gone is slated to hit PS4. Whether it arrives in 2017, however, remains to be seen.