Opening Cinematic For The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Is As Epic As It Is Extravagant


CD Projekt Red unveiled the intro cinematic for The Witcher III: Wild Hunt — the third and final chapter in the studio’s genre-defining RPG series — during today’s 32nd Annual Golden Joystick Awards. (Incidentally, the threequel also picked up the Most Wanted gong during the ceremony.)

Getting back to the recently-released footage, though, the opening cinematic has been titled “the Trial,” and provides us with an early indication of the core plot of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. Essentially, Geralt of Rivia — our returning, monster-hunting protagonist — must venture into the wilderness in order to find his wayward love, Yennefer of Vengerberg.

Here’s an official rundown of that trailer from the studio itself.

“Foreshadowing the story of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, ‘The Trail’ Opening Cinematic is an epic sneak peek into the adventure that awaits gamers in Wild Hunt. See witchers Geralt of Rivia and his mentor Vesemir pursue Geralt’s long lost love, the immensely powerful, raven-black-haired sorceress — Yennefer of Vengerberg.”

We’ve known for some time that The Witcher III: Wild Hunt was shaping up to be on one of the most visually impressive games in this nascent console generation, but this new trailer takes things to a whole new level. And while it may be a CG-rendered, vertical slice of CD Projekt’s latest title, there’s no denying the studio’s incredible attention to detail in this visceral and unapologetically stylish teaser.

Having said that, Wild Hunt is much more than just a pretty face considering the game’s impressive voice cast, which includes the likes of Game of Thrones’ Charles Dance — aka the Lord of Casterly Rock, Tywin Lannister.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt will look to conclude Geralt’s odyssey in style when it launches across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 24th, 2015.