Orcs Must Die! Will Receive DLC On XBLA

Not long ago, Robot Entertainment released a public statement, saying that they have no plans for future Orcs Must Die! DLC. When it was originally issued, that statement rubbed some fans the wrong way – particularly those who purchased the action-strategy game on XBLA. Reason being is that the console version has yet to receive any extra content, unlike its PC brother.

Thanks to Robot‘s community manager, Justin Korthof, the game’s console fans can breathe a sigh of relief. He posted on its forums, stating that downloadable content will be coming to the XBLA version of Orcs Must Die! The post was lacking in specifics as the team isn’t, “quite ready to release details yet.” However, Korthof slyly mentioned that gamers could use their “imagination” to come up with an expected list of the upcoming DLC pack’s contents.

Based on the company’s previous statement, as well as those of its community manager, we suspect that the XBLA version will be receiving the DLC packs that were released for the PC version of Orcs Must Die! That’s what it sounds like at least. Let us know if you read anything else into those comments above.