The Original Crysis May Be Coming To Xbox 360

UPDATE: The ESRB has also rated the game, for both the XBOX 360 and PS3.

Original Story:

A member of the MyCrysis forums has discovered a listing on the Korean Games Rating Board that may suggest a port of the original Crysis is coming to the Xbox 360 (there is no mention of the PS3). According to the listing, EA Korea will be publishing the port. It should be noted that Crysis 2 was already released in Korea so this listing is very likely referring to a port of the original game rather than some sort of release for the sequel.

The original Crysis was released in 2007 for PC only and was known for being a technical powerhouse that made even high end rigs struggle, it’ll be interesting to see how an Xbox 360 port would be handled. The sequel played beautifully on the hardware although, it was also scaled down from its PC counterpart. Would sacrifices in the graphics department still need to be made four years after the original game’s release?

We’ll keep you updated as more news rolls in.