The Original Tomb Raider Launches On iOS For $0.99

tomb raider original ios

Square Enix stealth-launched the original Tomb Raider on Apple’s App Store today, giving owners of iOS 7.0 (or later) devices the ability to grab the PS1-era game for just $0.99.

The description on Tomb Raider‘s iTunes page claims that Square Enix has “not messed about with it, so it’s the full, unedited, unadulterated experience from the classic release at a super-low price.” Apparently, the only difference between this new iOS version and the original game is that you will also get the two extra chapters that were included in title’s 1998 re-release.

Now, I love the Tomb Raider franchise, but this news has thrown me into a never-ending internal debate as I sit here with my finger hovered above the “Buy” icon on the phone.

My first thought is “Yes, I will buy that right now!” but then I remembered that I never really cared much for the PS1 titles due to their horrible controls. Then I realize that I would now have to play the already-clunky game using the numerous touchscreen icons in the iOS screenshot up there (because I don’t own an iOS game controller). At this point in the debate, I think about how awesome Tomb Raider: Anniversary is, and I make up my mind to just play one of the three different versions of the remake that I already own.

Then I circle back around and think, “But it is Tomb Raider for only $0.99… Yes, I will buy that right now!”