Outlast 2 Is Real, And Has A Disturbing Teaser To Boot


Red Barrels has officially revealed Outlast 2, the sequel to its well-received first-person horror jaunt. Word on the wind had suggested such an announcement was coming, and we’re happy that those rumours rang true.

This anticipated sequel is currently in-development, and is expected to release sometime in the Fall 2016 window. Hopefully that means it’ll debut just before next year’s Halloween holiday, but only time will tell. What we do know is that the game will “make players suffer,” and will feature a new environment alongside new characters. The night vision camera will return as well, but that’s a given.

For those who’ve yet to play it, Outlast — a former PlayStation Plus freebie — follows a journalist who enters a disturbingly dark and quiet insane asylum in search of answers pertaining to its practices. There, he finds more than he’s looking for and must do anything he can in order to survive. It truly is an unsettling and quality experience, one which we really recommend.

You can watch Outlast 2‘s creepy teaser trailer — which features a burning cross and a disturbing bible verse — above, and can look forward to more coverage of the game as it develops further.