Outlast Arrives On Steam On September 4th


One of the most frightening games in production is finally scheduled to release on Steam early next month. Outlast, developed by the 10 man indie team Red Barrels, literally made players at PAX East and E3 jump out of the booth; it earned the title of “Most Likely to Make you Faint.” While the playable demos weren’t exceptionally long, they contained more than enough gruesome surprises to go around.

Armed with just a video camera, players take the role of Miles Upshur, an investigative reporter who gets an anonymous tip regarding strange events taking place at Mount Massive Asylum. The asylum is located in the remote mountains of Colorado and was previously the home for the mentally ill. Recently being reopened by the Murkoff Corporation, there’s a secret at the heart of Mount Massive that might be Miles’ only chance for survival.

Once inside, Miles gets a glimpse of the horrible atrocities that have been taking place at Mount Massive Asylum and a journey for the truth turns into a race for survival. Without any type of weapons, or way to physically ward off enemies, players must use their wits, and the camera’s night vision, to elude enemies at all costs.

After getting my hands on Outlast at PAX East, I feel confident that this one is going to satisfy any survival horror fan. I haven’t played a game that’s frightened me, or made me literally jump, like this in quite some time and I cannot wait to play the full thing.

Keep an eye out for Outlast when it launches this September and be sure to check back then for our full review.