Overwatch’s Latest Hero Teaser Is A Picture Of Efi Oladele’s Shopping List

If you thought Blizzard was going to make this easy on you, think again.

The Overwatch developer has released yet another teaser today for who the shooter’s next playable character will be, this time in the form of a shopping list written by Efi Odalele. If you’ve no idea who that is, you can take a peek over here for the full rundown, but the long of the short of it is that Efi’s a child genius who has some sort of connection to Overwatch‘s next hero.

Anyway, back to the situation at hand. See below for a picture of the shopping list in question, courtesy of Overwatch‘s official Twitter page.

Judging by the caption adorning the teaser, it appears to be all but confirmed at this point that Efi is the creator of hero #24 and, judging by contents of the list and Efi’s field of expertise, it looks like we’ll very soon have another robot joining Overwatch‘s cast. Fear not, Bastion, you’ll have a playmate relatively soon, it seems. Take note, too, of the OR-15 chassis appearing on that list – it’s the exact same model referenced in last week’s teaser about a potential terrorist attack on Numbani airport.

That appears to be it for today, folks, but with the window of potential outcomes becoming narrower by the day in regards to who (or what) Overwatch‘s next hero will be, we imagine it won’t be long before Blizzard makes the whole thing official with a proper announcement. Strings of teasers like these are always a fun way of drumming up hype for new content, but Blizzard should be wary of having them outstay their welcome. After all, we don’t want a repeat of the drawn-out Sombra ARG again, do we?