Overwatch Now Has Over 25 Million Registered Players

Overwatch now has over 25 million registered players across PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Blizzard has announced. Breaking the news on Twitter, the developer celebrated the eye-watering number with an in-game fireworks display on the popular shooter’s Lijiang Tower map, which is also currently home to a limited-time capture the flag mode.

Clearly excellent news for Blizzard, Overwatch has gone from strength to strength since launching in spring last year, having rocketed straight to the top of the multi-platform charts and returned numerous times since. With such a huge audience, it’s a wonder how its competitors are still in business.

Late last year, Blizzard broke the news that its team-based title had officially become its fastest game ever to secure an install base of 20 million players, beating out the likes of its eternally-popular MMO World of Warcraft and the Diablo series. Clearly showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, it’s hard to imagine how Blizzard can make 2017 an even more successful year for Overwatch than 2016, but it certainly appears to be giving it a damn good try.

Besides continuing its commitment to balancing the existing roster of Heroes based on fan feedback and other variables (if you haven’t already, read about the nerfs to D.Va and Roadhog here), this week saw the beginning of Overwatch‘s first event of 2017 – Year of the Rooster, which continues the trend past events by offering a slew of new cosmetic items. New content is always nice, even if it is only here to stay for a limited time, but we’re interested to see what else is on the way over the next 11 months.

There’s been no hints as of yet, but you can expect the first details on new characters, stages and the like to start trickling out of Blizzard HQ in the near future.