Overwatch Will Get You Ready For Rio With The Summer Games Update


With the 2016 Summer Olympic Games set to begin in Rio this week, Blizzard Entertainment has decided to get in on the festivities. The Overwatch Summer Games update will debut new loot, as well as a new brawl, based around the global games.

Starting today, Overwatch players can unlock unique Loot Boxes that sport a special seasonal look. The cosmetic changes extend to more than just the boxes, though, as these collectibles will feature fresh cosmetic items. New emotes, skins, sprays and player icons are just a few of the prizes that can be acquired.

Summer Games collection items will be available in every Loot Box earned or purchased from now until August 22. If you’re even remotely interested in these items, though, you better start collecting them now. According to Overwatch Assistant Game Director Aaron Keller, these items will be headed into the vault after the 22nd.

In addition to the new loot, a brand new brawl is also being added as part of the Summer Games update. The title’s version of soccer, Lucioball, is a 3v3 mode centered around scoring goals. Lucio’s unique abilities have been reworked in order to suit the new mode. His primary and secondary attacks are used to move the ball around the field, while his ultimate ability brings the ball towards him.

Blizzard Entertainment is promising that the Summer Games update is the first of many seasonal updates slated to come to Overwatch. When they are ready to unveil the next update, we’ll be sure to let you know.